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Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons. A lash technician opens up

What are the positive and negative parts of eyelash extensions? We get asked this question quite a lot and if you are here, you are also interested in it.

As a lash technician, I will give you both sides of the story.

But firstly, let me clarify that when I talk about eyelash extensions, I’m not talking about strip lashes or cluster lashes. It doesn’t matter if they are applied by a professional, I still strongly believe and see based on experience that they are damaging when worn for a long period of time and we don’t offer or recommend them to our clients.

I will be talking about semi-permanent lash extensions which include classic or individual eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, and mega volume eyelash extensions.

Russian volume lashes before and after

Let’s start with the benefits and pros of eyelash extensions

I have personally worn eyelash extensions straight for over 5 years. During the 2020 situation I had to live without them and let me tell you- it was HARD!

Wearing eyelash extensions every day saves you soooooo much time! Every morning when you wake up, you already know that you look great and the confidence that comes with that, is something magical.

They are also almost a necessary part of your holiday plans as you can go swimming, sunbathing, and out for a nice evening while not doing anything with your makeup. This saves an extra bag from the luggage space and a great bonus is that you will love how you look in all your holiday pictures.

This brings me to my next point. You will use so much less makeup daily which in return let’s your skin breathe. At the moment when we have to wear masks on our daily activities a lot of people (including me) are getting annoying breakouts on your face because of the hot air under the mask. Adding makeup to that mix will make your skin even worse.

Your eyes will look brighter, more awake and you will look younger. It’s true when they say that eyes change everything! When eyelash extensions are applied, they are designed based on your facial features and eye shape which gives a great opportunity to bring out your beautiful features.

I already mentioned it but it’s so important that it’s worth going deeper with this. One of the biggest pros and benefits of eyelash extensions is the confidence that you are feeling. Looking in the mirror becomes an amazing experience that follows with sweet compliments for yourself. The confidence gets spread into your everyday life and influences not only you but also the people around you. We see it often with clients who have small children and how their relationship with their husband changes.

“I’m sold but what about the cons Signe?” I hear you asking..

Yes, there are cons and I will tell you them based on my 10 years’ experience and thousands of clients later.

The biggest con is the maintenance. Unfortunately, eyelash extensions do fall off due to your own natural lashes changing every 2-4 weeks. It’s very natural and it actually keeps your natural lashes safe because they never have to wear weight on them for too long.

The maintenance or infill appointment is done between 3 and 4 weeks. Most of our clients come once a month and they actually enjoy the experience because you get to sleep while someone is making you prettier:) I guess the real question is, do you prefer spending 30min every day on makeup or take 1h once a month and get yourself pampered?

The second con is applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s not impossible but it takes a moment to practice applying it to your eyes. If you wear short and natural eyelash extensions, this will not be a problem but we’ve seen that most clients who are daily eyeshadow users, like longer and more glamourous eyelash extensions which makes it a bit harder to apply them.

And the final con is the addiction that comes with eyelash extensions. There’s a reason our clients call themselves #lashaddicts. Now it’s not the worse problem to have but if you are someone who moves around the country a lot or is constantly abroad, it creates a unique issue where you have to keep on finding a trustworthy lash technician and unfortunately that’s not always easy to do. We tend to fall in love with one lash technician who makes your lashes look exactly how you like them and you enjoy the way their hands move and their company.

If you have more questions, make sure to let us know so we can help you even more!

And if you are in search of a new lash technician in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush in London, then go here and book your appointment today 🙂

Your lash whisperer,

Signe Simm

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