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LVL- Lash Lift


Lvl – Lash Lift Before and after

LVL or Lash Lift is perfect for you if you don’t wear make up daily. Lash lift gives a natural look by lifting your lashes.

Lash lift service will give you longer lashes as they are lifted and tinted.


What happens during the appointment?

Firstly you should book a free consultation where we do a patch test to check that you wouldn't be sensitive to any products. 

It should be done at least 24h before the full service is performed. 

During the consultation we also look at your natural lashes and discuss if lash lift is for you.

On the day of your appointment we recommend that you wash your hair in the morning as you can't make your lashes wet for the next 48h.

In the salon you lay down on our super comfy chair and your lash technician will start the procedure by cleaning your lashes and placing gel pads to protect your lower lashes.

Lash lift is done using 4 step system. 

The first product will open up your lash cuticles and let the lash bend to the desired position. 
It doesn't damage your natural lashes.

 The second product closes the lash cuticle and freezes it in the lifted position for the next 6 weeks. 

On the third step we will tint your lashes to make them look darker and longer. This is an optional step.

 And the fourth step is where the lash technician uses keratine treatment to moisturise and feed your lashes. 

The whole lvl, lash lift treatment is done in about 1 hour and most of our clients sleep during it as it’s super relaxing.

Once you are done, your lash specialist will tell you about the aftercare and you can see your pretty lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lash lift effect lasts for 6 weeks. The curl will fade gradually not grow out so it’s not visible. 

No. It’s actually really relaxing and most of our clients sleep during the appointment. 


Lash lift doesn’t damage your lashes if it’s done by a professional who knows how to assess your natural lashes. Unfortunately uneducated service providers can use cheap products that may be damaging.


Yes. As this is a treatment where we can’t remove the irritating thing, we do patch tests for every client. Even if you have had lash lift before, you still need a patch test as we are using different products. It’s completely free and should be done minimum 24h before the full service. 

The effect lasts for over 6 weeks but you can get the treatment done minimum every 4 weeks.

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