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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions for every hair

If you’ve ever dreamed of long and full hair – you’re in the right place. Book your free consultation today. 

We offer 3 methods to suit every hair type

Tape hair extensions, keratine hair extensions and micro- or nano ring hair extensions to match your hair type and daily hair habits.

Tape hair extensions

Perfect for thinner hair. Feel weightless and comfortable.

Keratine hair extensions

If you like to wear your hair up on most days.

Micro- and nano ring extensions

No adhesive added for the safest attachment.

consultations are free

Meet with our specialists today

What happens during your appointment?

1. Step is to book your consultation. 

During it our specialist will check your hair health, ask you about your daily habit and match your hair colour to extensions. 

She will ask you if you want just volume or length or both and based on that choose the amount of hair you will need. 

You will also choose your extensions. 

You can ask any questions from our specialist. 

Your specialist will also recommend you the method that is best for your hair. 

2. On the day of your appointment you should wash your hair at home as you can’t make them wet for 24h. 

During your appointment you get to sit and relax while your specialist is placing the extensions. It’s super relaxing and feels like someone is brushing your hair.

Depending on the method that you have chosen, the application will take from 1.5h- 3h. 


3. After the appointment your specialist will tell you about aftercare and recommend the best time to come in for refitting. 

During refitting your extensions are removed, cleaned and reapplied.

Your hair is safe with us

We have gone through 4 training courses in 2 different countries and obsess over the quality of extensions that we provide. We want you to feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable while you wear your extensions.

We use virgin hair extensions

Either Russian hair or Brazilian to make sure they last the longest. Our hair currently lasts for at least a year or longer depending on the aftercare.

Our work is guaranteed

If you have any issues for 2 weeks we do a complete fix for free to make sure you are happy.

Come and test the extensions

During the consultation you get to touch and feel different hair. You can also try on the length and see which one would you like.

consultations are free

Meet with our specialists today

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair extensions are absolutely great for most people. However they don’t suit everyone. If you have very damaged hair you may need to heal them before getting extensions done. 

Yes! Since our hair extensions are real hair, they will feel like your own. You can brush and wash them like yours. 

Since the extensions we use are real hair, they should be treated as such. That means that you need to use heat protection when treating your hair and use a conditioner to moisturise them.

It depends on how fast your own hair grows and what application method is being used. The refit timing can be from between 6 weeks till 3 months.